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Air Carbon

AirCarbon™ is a material made by sequestering carbon emissions that would otherwise become part of the air. While almost all plastics today are made exclusively from oil or other fossil fuels, AirCarbon is different. AirCarbon is made by combining air with methane-based carbon emissions–carbon that would otherwise become part of the air we breathe–to produce a material that is approximately 40% oxygen from air and 60% carbon and hydrogen from captured methane emissions by weight. By replacing oil with AirCarbon™, we transform the products we use everyday into materials that sequester more greenhouse gas than they emit and actually improve the world–displacing oil, reducing cost, and reducing the amount of carbon in the air.

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Newlight Technologies is a US based sustainable materials company dedicated to using carbon sequestration technology to produce clean, high-performance materials that reduce cost, maintain or improve performance, and capture carbon on a market-driven basis.



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