Adidas knit these shoes from illegal fishing nets


A running shoe made from garbage may not sound like must-have sports equipment, but Adidas wants to illustrate how ocean trash can be turned into something new.

The concept shoe is made from ocean trash and illegal gillnets, a type of mesh net that’s designed to only let a fish’s head pass through, but not the rest of its body. As the fish struggles, the net slips behind its gills and prevents it from escaping. The nets were confiscated by the conservation group Sea Shepherd, from a poaching vessel off the coast of West Africa.

The shoe is knitted, which has the advantage of producing less waste than traditional shoe-making techniques, which create a lot of waste in the process of cutting out a pattern. The company says this technique is zero-waste, and also uses the knitting process to make its Primeknit shoes.

The shoe is part of the Parley for the Oceans program, an organization co-founded by Adidas that aims to raise awareness about ocean pollution and climate change.

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