California Water Company Campaign


"Designer Chris Onesto created California Water Company to highlight the state’s historic drought. The company’s water bottles are only about 6 percent full, to reflect the current capacity of California water reservoirs.

“The Golden State is turning a toasty golden brown all thanks to a record drought,” reads the project’s website. “Oddly enough Southern Californians could care less. In response I created the California Water Company, bottled water that moves the drought from a startling thought into a disturbing reality.”

Although only a concept, Onesto created an entire marketing campaign as if it was a real brand launch. Mock-ups of the bottle design, billboards, and other advertisements can be found on his website. The designs use sarcasm and sharp wit to convey the message that Californians need to learn more about the drought and urge the state to take more aggressive steps to drought relief (speaking of which, all proceeds from the imaginary product go toward drought relief, according to a note on the back of the bottle). Slogans include “I’m still thirsty,” “We saved the best for last,” and “Going, going, gone.”" extracted from sustainablebrands