Climate Change Literacy Programme

Ekonnect Knowledge Foundation conducted a Climate Change Literacy session and a workshop with Consilience on 7th April 2017 at ISDI, Mumbai

Ekonnect Knowlegde Foundation in partnership with Consilience conducted a Climate Literacy Event at ISDI Parsons (Indian School of Design & Innovation), Mumbai on 7th April 2017 as a part of their Education 2020 program. The program was attended by 75 heads of International and State Level Schools.

The main objective of the programme was to raise awareness and sensitize the trainers on the importance of mainstreaming sustainability and climate change into the current school curriculum.

Mrs. Sonal Alvares gave a short presentation on Climate Change and Sustainability highlighting various activities and programmes that can be collabarately conducted in schools.

Following the session, participants walked through the Climate Change Resources Toolkit exhibit designed by Ekonnect. Ekonnect had also put up Personal Carbon Footprint (PCF) stall, wherein participants calculated their Individual carbon footprints and were sensitized about the alternative lifestyle choices they can adopt to reduce their footprints and thus become more environment friendly.

About Education 2020

Education 2020 brings you the best practices in the field of learning and teaching from across the globe, that are adaptable and scalable, and inspire and empower students. The Conclaves bring together school leaders - from Mumbai's schools -- to discuss the new skills, tools and pedagogies in education that innovative, future-facing institutions can plug into.


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