Join usMany hands make light work!



All of our programs include a collaborative effort from the team along with individuals who join Ekonnect as Associates. You may be an academician, researcher or professional interested in working on a project with us.



As students we’ve all gone through internships with companies which give you the first feel of the ‘real’ world. Ekonnect, especially EMC, takes on board students who are mentored while working on projects. Each Intern goes back with a report as their output. 



As a corporate you may wish to sponsor environmental education programs that are interactive learning experiences with clear outputs in the form of projects. We believe in programs which achieve the goal and have something concrete to show for it.



As a non profit with limited resources our model is to partner with other organisations who share our goals. Partnering helps us to give the best of both worlds to the project at hand ensuring a win-win for all involved.


Our Core Service

We have very clear objectives. Through our programs we wish to address the gap in knowledge of issues in environment and provide educational programs both online and face to face programs to meet this demand. If we were to ensure learning across all stakeholders then we will not be far from our goal of stimulating action on these issues.

Blended Learning

We are experienced in offering educational programs that are interactive in format and specialized in scope. 

  • Ekolearning is our online/e-learning platform which hosts specialized courses
  • Face to Face programs comprise of training programs, workshops and seminars

Why you should join us?

Our programs necessarily redefine the way educational and training programs are conducted. We ensure the design of each program is conducive towards learning efficiently. This means programs are suited to the audience and flexible in nature as well as format.

You could join us if you are inclined towards such type of learning and if this domain is of academic interest to you. We are always on the lookout for associates, interns, sponsors and partners for all our programs. We believe we don't know everything. And for the kinds of challenges we all face, it would take an approach that draws on multi-disciplinary expertise.

Of course, we will work together with you to ensure that your contribution is compensated where possible and in mutual agreement on the process and goals of the selected program and/or activity. If nothing works, then at least we've made a friend!

So do reach out to Dr.Prasad Modak at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Look forward to making things happen with you!

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