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Caption/Sub-title: Golden Twinkle

Name of Tree: Indian Laburnum (Bahava)

Location: Lokhandwala Back Road, Andheri-West, Mumbai

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Share with us a few things about yourself

Currently, I'm working at IL&FS as part of the Corporate Sustainability Cell. I also volunteer with the Robin Hood Army, which is an NGO that facilitates food distribution to the less fortunate sections of the society. I like reading fiction and love travelling to places of natural beauty.

What made you participate in this contest?

I liked the thought behind the contest - that encouraged people to click pictures of trees in the city. It made me wonder how many different kinds of beautiful trees exist close to our homes and workplaces and I was curious to also see which trees would be captured on camera by other participants.

What you think should be a follow up to this contest?

I like the idea of following it up with a plantation drive

Would you like to become an ambassador for trees in our city?

I would like to participate in the next events or programs. Would definitely like to participate in a plantation drive :)

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