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Caption/Sub-title: 50 shades of green

Name of Tree: Jackfruit

Location: Vasai Road

Email id: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Share with us a few things about yourself

I am an engineering student and will be graduating soon..u can say i am a fan of flora,fauna.I also enjoy bird watching.i love sharing my views of the world through my camera lens by participating in numerous competitions and maintaining an online gallery of my collection.

What made you participate in this contest?

My love for photography and nature prompted me to take part in this competition

What you think should be a follow up to this contest?

Plantation drive and adopt a tree are money and time intensive activities for most of the common busy enthusiastic nature lovers a more realistic approach would be to have nature walks and similar on the go photography competitions on holidays and weekends to raise awareness amongst the mass and protect the existing green wealth that we have.

Would you like to become an ambassador for trees in our city?

Sure I would be more than happy to do so but only if time and circumstances permit...

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