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Caption/Sub-title: learn character from trees, value from roots and change from leaves.

Name of Tree: Dogwood

Location: Emerson, New Jersey, USA

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Share with us a few things about yourself

I recently got my master in environmental science and management. I love animals and would love to do my bit to conserve as many species as possible along with the habitats they live in

What made you participate in this contest?

I strongly believe that even the smallest things can make a change. Contest like these make people more aware of what's around them and rousing interest in the nature around them.

What you think should be a follow up to this contest?

I think adopt a tree is a good follow up to this contest. If everyone plants a tree and make sure it is watered and protected at least till the tree is completely established would be a good step forward. A workshop can be held to educate people about the native trees and which trees are a better fit for our beautiful city

Would you like to become an ambassador for trees in our city?

I would definitely like to be part of all the future ventures. I would like to support the cause as much as I can considering my location constrains.

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