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I’m not kidding. And the more people I meet the more convinced I am about this simplest of solutions.

Mumbai city stinks. And the cause of the stench lies in a discreet bin hidden away in every kitchen in the city: wet kitchen waste! It is common knowledge now, that 70% of all waste generated in a home is wet waste which can be 100% composted with zero going to the landfill! However common knowledge is unfortunately never translated into action. People find composting a real challenge: “Will it raise a stink in my home?, Will it take up space? Will it require a lot of time and attention?”

However, the ones who are avid composters are the ones grinning all the way to their vegetable garden!

I met once such gentleman who for close to four years or more, has been carting away his kitchen waste to his composting unit on the terrace of his office. The best part of it is the compost has been fertilizing his thriving and happy vegetable garden.

Here’s a short chat with him and his garden in the month of April 2015.

Mr.Shashank Nabar lives in Dadar West and works in a lovely location just beyond the Byculla Zoo and Gardens in Mumbai city. His office is on the top floor with an attached terrace half of which is covered with pots and raised beds of herbs, vegetables and flowers.

“My father’s dream was to see the garden from our Kolhapur bungalow replicated here in this city” shared Mr.Nabar when asked about the reasons behind his passion for growing a kitchen garden. An initial course study with the Marathi Vidnyan Parishad is what gave him sound, scientific knowledge on which to build the foundation of his garden. Both composting as well as growing herbs and vegetables were an integral part of the course. He recommends that beginners would do well to update their knowledge so that success is closer at hand. Among challenges he counts the various plant diseases and the composting process as the two key issues while laughing off disgruntled neighbors as relatively lesser one! “There will always be people who are wary of terrace gardens but you just have to deal with it – over time you do tend to win some over” is what he leaves us with. Aside from some inspiration on trying to grow some myself!

Hoping this triggers some action in any other offices in this city, do write in for more details in case you wish to start up your own.

Here are the photos taken of his compost-to-vegetable office terrace garden:

Herbs, Vegetables & Flowers
Vegetable garden in front of the office
Composting bins
Mr.Nabar with the lemon tree
Tomatoes by the dozen! And more!
Chickoos, lemon grass and more!

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