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About the Contest

Ekonnect Knowledge Foundation (Ekonnect) in partnership with Xavier Institute of Communications (XIC) is conducting an awareness generation contest on making short films on the theme of 'Waste to Resource Management in Mumbai'.

The contest is called ‘anvaya’ which means positive action in sanskrit. The contest will encourage individuals and groups to create short films (5 to 10 minutes) that are innovative and have potential for replication, to promote waste to resource management.

Need and Objectives

  • Awareness raising & encouraging citizen involvement is a challenge today in waste management.
  • Creative medium such as short videos helps in sensitizing citizens and promoting action.
  • The videos could be used by citizen groups, professionals and municipal corporations to showcase how waste could be transformed into resources or managed or decentralized at community level.
  • The videos may also depict business models that show how livelihood or green jobs could be created especially to benefit the informal sector and young entrepreneurs.
  • Outputs from this contest (short films) can be used as educational material supplementary to environmental courses and other campaigns.
  • Anvaya puts all the above objectives together and helps in creating a platform.

About the Theme

The city of Mumbai currently lacks proper infrastructure for segregation, collection and treatment/disposal of the waste generated by the city. Also, lower awareness levels amongst the citizens on waste minimization and segregation further aggravates the problem. Hence, there is an urgent need for improvement in waste management in the city. The broad theme proposed for the contest is 'Waste to Resource Management in Mumbai'. Under this broad theme of Waste to Resource Management, following sub topics are outlined.

  • Solid Waste Management
  • E-waste Management
  • Hazardous Waste Management
  • Bio-Medical Waste Management
  • Household Hazardous/Bio-Medical Waste Management
  • Minimizing Consumption
  • Plastic Waste Recycling
  • Involvement of Informal Waste Sector in Mumbai
  • Importance of Waste Segregation
  • Waste to Compost, Biogas and Fuel

Who can apply?

Applicant Categories & Prizes:

The applicants will be divided in the 4 categories as shown in the table below. Best entry received from each category will be rewarded with a prize.

  Category A: Individuals Category B: Groups  
Level 1: Pro Individuals from film making and media institutes Groups from film making and media institutes
Level 2: Basic Other individuals Other groups
Prize Rs 10,000  Rs 15,000

Note: Professionals from the media or film making industry with experience in film making or photography are NOT eligible to participate.


Successfully registered applicants will be trained on the aspects of film-making and on importance of the theme i.e. Waste to Resource Management, over a period of one day.

Quality and Technical Requirements:

  • The film should fall within the time duration allowed i.e. between 5 to 10 minutes (after final editing)
  • The films submitted should be in English, Hindi or Marathi.
  • The content of the film must be original and recent.
  • The message conveyed should be relevant to the theme and sub topics as indicated in this brochure.
  • The final submission should be of High definition (HD) or similar quality.
  • Evaluation criteria will be shared with the applicants in advance and will also be posted on our website.

Any non-compliance with the above mentioned requirements will lead to disqualification.

Evaluation Criteria and Scoring Scheme for Short Films 

Sr. No. Criteria Description Maximum Score
1 Research Approach Research Methodology/Approach and Data and Content Authenticity 15
2 Relevance to Theme Relevance to theme, Narrative Flow and Script  15
3 Cinematography Lighting, Camera Angle/Shot Selection, Camera Movement  20
4 Film Editing Overall Film Editing  20
5 Sound and Music Overall Sound Quality, Background, Music/Dubbing/Voiceover  20
6 Public Voting Likes on Youtube Channel  10
    Total Score 100

Obligations and Right to use

  • All submissions will be given credits and will be appropriately acknowledged.
  • Makers give full permission to Ekonnect and XIC to use their submissions by placing the video on their website and disseminating through Ekonnect's digital media channels.
  • All the films will include a cover slide with details about the organizers and sponsors of the contest.
  • The videos will not attract any commercial value and will not be priced.


Application and Submission Procedure


All the interested and eligible applicants are required to fill and submit an online application form in the 'Application Form' tab below, before the deadlines (See 'Important Dates'). Applicants applying under the 'Groups' category need to fill only one application form as a group application.


1.The intake for the contest is limited and applicants will be selected on first come first serve basis.
2.The submission of the application form does not confirm successful registration of the applicant.
3.Final list of successfully registered applicants will be published on the website and email notifications will be sent to all the applicants registered.



Successfully registered applicants should submit their final outputs before the deadlines (See 'Important Dates'), through any of  the following channels:

1. Uploading on cloud storage platforms such as Google Drive or Dropbox and provide the link for the same by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
2. Send a CD/DVD of the final output by courier to the address given below:


Ekonnect Knowledge Foundation
A 60, 4th Floor, Royal Industrial Estate,
Naigaon Cross Road, Wadala (W),
Mumbai - 400031. (MAHARASHTRA).

Important Dates - Revised

Date Activity
5th June 2015 Launch of the contest (Registrations start)
31st July 2015 Last day for registration
1st August 2015 Orientation Programme for registered applicants at XIC
5th September 2015 Last day for submission of films
12th September 2015 Screening of films and prize giving ceremony

Application Form

Registrations are closed

Brochure and Poster

Click here to download the brochure.

Click here to download the Poster.

Final Report

For any queries and support, contact:

Sonal Alvares
Phone: 91 9920219038
Disha Mahajan
Phone: 91 9930689917

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