Sustainability KaleidoscopeOur subscription based seminar series

What is the Sustainability Kaleidoscope?

A subscription based series of seminars on frontier topics in Environmental Management & Sustainability interspersed with the facility of an online network connecting the participants of all the seminars on one platform for discussions and continuous engagement and support.

Key attributes:
  • Unique model of offering sustainability education on a program basis
  • Addresses frontier areas that are not generally covered in conferences, university courses and continuing education programs
  • Talks from leaders, fishbowl formats for discussions and panel presentations
  • International speakers on key topics
  • Continuous engagement in between the seminars through an e-learning platform for discussions & sharing resources
How does it work?

Participation to the SK is open to all. Individuals and organizations are invited to subscribe to attend one or more or all of the seminars or even opt for only the online platform as per their interest, ability and requirement. The six seminars are held across the year 2015. The online platform will be available to all participants once launched at the first seminar. Persons who subscribe to attend any of the seminars are permitted to transfer their participation to another in case they are unable to attend.

See below the BROCHURE, as well as the REPORT of the Launch Workshop, click and download to learn more about this series. Also visit the Dr.Modak's BLOG POST on this series.


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