In light of the water crises in many regions of the country and the world today, it is of utmost importance to identify solutions that effectively and innovatively address this issue. Due to uneven rainfall patterns in the last few years, both ecological and economical conditions of an agriculture driven country like ours, has worsened over time. Apart from the naturally occurring events, unsustainable practices by humans such as increasing withdrawals of groundwater and resulting impacts on humans and the environment has been a major concern.

Many organizations, local communities and social enterprises across the country have come up with innovative and path breaking ideas to solve issues related to water scarcity and improving the water quality. Through this platform, we offer the opportunity for innovators, entrepreneurs and passionate individuals and organizations to showcase their efforts sharing best practices while inspiring other citizens to follow suit.

Hence, the theme for Anvaya 2.0 is 'No Water No Life'. Under this broad theme, applicants can showcase solutions in relation to following sub-topics:

  • Water Conservation and Harvesting
  • Water Reuse and Recycling
  • Water Treatment