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Dr. Prasad Modak

Ekonnect was formed in 2012 as a Section 8 (not for profit) company. It has over the past five years carried out several activities in the space of awareness, training, education and leadership/entrepreneurship. The focus has been building capacities of various stakeholders in environmental management & sustainability.

In this journey, Ekonnect has struggled to arrive at its “identity” and “brand”. And this has been a process of discovery. I can now say that we are clearer about what we want to achieve and the areas we want to focus for future. We have a good base of past projects, clientele and partners that we can leverage on. And we have exciting stories to tell – where we made a difference. We are also entering in the arena of corporate social and environmental responsibility (CSER).

It is very important therefore that we bring on board people who understand Ekonnect and put their creativity and skills to move from “dreams” to something “real” and on a “scale” that brings in the change we all desire.   How do we do this? We must think out of the box.

As an organization, Ekonnect will remain thin but will thrive on a solid ecosystem of interested, committed and capable individuals and institutions. So, Ekonnect will need to establish and curate a thriving network around its “objects”. Skills to network become important – using multi-media and web apart from holding joint events.

Ekonnect will have to take a position of a “connector” and be like an “engine” that understands the need and the context  better and the importance of a collective approach. That will be Ekonnect's USP.

In this process, the knowledge elements (K) and the ecological/economic (E) perspectives get woven. That’s a critical base to move towards sustainability.

Established in 2012, Ekonnect Knowledge
Foundation is a Section 8 not-for-profit
company offering awareness, training and
education programs in the domains of
environmental management and sustainability.

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