Dr. Aditya Gusain

Principal Environmental Specialist

Aditya has 5+ year experience in climate data analysis and hydrologic modelling, environmental and climatic risk assessment.  He also has 3+ years of experience on GIS based data assessment and mapping.

His doctoral research work at IIT Bombay focused on assessing perception of risk to hydro-climatic extremes under changing climate for data-scarce catchment. He completed his bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology from Sardar Vallabhbhai University of Agriculture & Technology (Meerut, UP), and a master’s degree in Environmental Science & Engineering from IIT Bombay. His research interests are not just confined to modeling hydro-climatic extremes but other areas of environmental systems as well.

He is into fitness and traveling, especially trekking, and spends his leisure time reading, gardening, and teaching underprivileged children.